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Did you know that outsourcing to the right call centre is not only an effective way to care for customers, but one of the smartest financial decisions you could make for your business?

Outsourcing professional-quality, flexible and highly-customizable customer care can offer a tremendous return for your business, improving organizational function and even boosting your bottom line.

Of course, any discussion about ROI is actually a discussion about two things— maximizing results (return) while minimizing costs (investment). It’s about smart spending and good business. In this Customer Care Handbook, we illustrate how engaging a call centre partner to provide customer support works on both sides of the ROI equation, giving you more of what you need for the least expense.


You Get All This...

Studies show that 81% of businesses that prioritize customer care and support are outperforming their competitors by a significant margin. Outsourcing these responsibilities to a call centre can improve your customer support in countless ways, tailoring solution packages based on your requirements to ensure you stay responsive and competitive.

Outsourcing to a call centre means you have access to a much wider breadth of skills and services than may be feasible for you to staff in-house. Below, we’ve listed a few of the ways that outsourcing to a call centre can help your organization expand customer care while gaining efficiency and producing better results.


24/7/365 Telephone Answering

With a call centre handling your customer support calls, your organization can be covered 24/7/365. There will always be times when you or your staff can’t answer the phone, but with a call centre, your business doesn’t have to stop when you do. Your callers will never be frustrated by getting voicemail or an automated call answering system, and you’ll never lose another customer to a competitor due to a missed call. Your customer care representative is a real person—a live voice representing your business any time someone calls.



Working in a multicultural business landscape, and with international business dealings becoming more common, you need to be prepared to do business in languages other than English. A quality call centre can provide multilingual service to your callers in languages such as French, Spanish, and English. Even more language options are possible as well. This makes your callers feel comfortable from the first greeting, and even more likely to become return customers.


Technical Support/
Help Desk

A specialized form of customer care, technical support and help desk services assist customers with your product or service after the purchase. Responsive, efficient help is often critical to cementing customer loyalty. Many technical support inquiries are actually simple questions about set-up, appropriate use, and maintenance—easily handled by call centre specialists.


Performance Data
& Metrics

Another considerable benefit of outsourcing customer care services is access to all of the performance data and metrics from your activities. The level of reporting and process that a qualified call centre can provide would be practically impossible to organize in-house. As a result, working with a call centre means access to data that can be invaluable for performance management and making better informed business decisions.

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You Save All This…

It can come as a surprise to some to learn how affordable outsourcing customer care to a call centre partner can be. Specifically,
when compared to the cost of establishing and maintaining an in-house customer support department, outsourcing is by and large
the best way to save costs related to labour, infrastructure, overhead and more


The greatest cost to consider when it comes to staffing an in-house customer support department is labour, and the first line item that springs to mind is wages. Fair wages are just a starting point, however, when it comes to this category of expenses.

A basic health benefits package for your in-house employees will often cost approximately 20% of total wages. Incentive programs, now considered to be a standard offering of employers, must be added to the labour budget too. Then there is recruitment, paid leave and vacation pay, training, professional development… it all adds up very quickly. For example, the typical monthly costs for the average four person in-house customer care department may look like this:


Set Up

The cost of labour may be the biggest expense in your customer support department’s budget, but infrastructure is often a close second. A lot of equipment goes into creating an effective in-house work environment—things like furniture, computers, phones, electrical and data wiring, office supplies, and security, not to mention a network to set up and software to install.

All of this set up takes time, can cause stress and creates a hefty overhead. This will be the cost of doing business if you decide to go it alone, but is eliminated completely when you outsource customer care to a call centre. You get all of the benefits with none of the hassle—it’s their office space, their furniture, their computer systems—their overhead!


Establishing an in-house customer service department not only requires an investment at the outset—it will require continual investment to stay current. Office supplies and other consumables need to be topped up on a regular basis, and computers—both hardware and software—need to be updated regularly. The networks they operate on have to be monitored to maintain security and functionality. Unfortunately, if you decide to run your own customer care department, you have to accept that there will be expenses—both planned and unforeseeable—on a permanent, ongoing basis.

When you evaluate all of the factors, you’ll see why many organizations find that outsourcing to a call centre is simply the most sensible way to handle customer care. Offering many benefits of a dedicated in-house team—as well as access to a wide range of specialties and services—outsourcing to a contact centre could be the right solution to help you boost your bottom line while saving costs.

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